Picturesque state roads Arkansas

The Natural State of Arkansas is a great location to take a scenic drive or road trip within as it offers a plethora of eye catching scenery. When driving through the Arkansas Delta one can expect to experience marvelous mountain ranges, magnificent vistas, majestic waterfalls, and monumental countrysides. Forest mountain trails can be found off of the Scenic 7 Byway where you will be welcomed to get out of the car and stretch your legs! Along with the natural phenomenons strewn throughout Arkansas there is also a number of manmade sights to see including several architectural and historical treasures, one of a kind boutiques, wineries, living caves, and fishing/hunting grounds. Get your car ready and plan your next adventure to explore the beautiful state of Arkansas.

  1. Arkansas Route 23
    Arkansas Route 23

    Route 23's setting is based in the breathtaking Ozark mountainous region which is chock full of natural twists and turns. One will marvel at this scenic routes rustic beauty. Escape urban society and take a chance on this eighteen mile route which heads north to recreational opportunities, open fields, rocky bluffs, and much much more.

  2. Crowley's Ridge Parkway
    Crowley's Ridge Parkway

    Searching for a road trip that will last over two hundred miles? Then look no further as Crowley's Ridge Parkway will give you just that and more. Spanning between Arkansas and Missouri, the Crowley's Ridge Parkway offers travelers 212 miles of geologic formations with a number of African American heritage sites, Civil War battlefields, festivals, and cultural centers. Do not worry about where to stay and eat along your adventure as you will find several lodging accommodations and restaurants surrounding the route as well as antique shops, fashioned country stores, and art galleries.

  3. Highway 7
    Highway 7

    Highway 7 is a lovely route that travels from Harrison to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Along the way you can expect to witness several natural phenomenons like two national forests and one national park. Highway 7 is a natural scenery overload! Nature buffs will be extremely pleased with the sites they will witness along this route. In addition to the wonderful scenery strewn across this path, both Harrison and Hot Springs are quaint towns within Arkansas offering tourists several vintage boutiques, craft shops, and cultural museums.

  4. Route Hot Springs to Eureka Springs
    Route Hot Springs to Eureka Springs

    Route Hot Springs to Eureka Springs is a much less traveled road that provides visitors some of the most spectacular scenery found within Arkansas's mountainous region. The attractions featured along the Hot Springs to Eureka Springs Route includes the Ozark Mountains, several waterfalls, and countless small timey towns. When it comes to travel accommodations rest assured that the Hot Springs to Eureka Springs Route offers a plethora of camping sites throughout its many miles of scenery. We do suggest that travelers take caution when navigating this route as it is full of 10-15 mph switchbacks and a road that is rarely straight.

  5. Talimena Scenic Drive
    Talimena Scenic Drive

    The Talimena Scenic Drive is a wonderful way to witness the Ouachita Mountains. Spanning over a total of 54 miles, the Talimena Scenic Drive runs along the Rich Mountain crest from Arkansas to Oklahoma and is nothing short of monumental. There will be several sites along the drive including historical monuments and cultural centers. Keep in mind that you will need to plan your rest stops and fuel ups carefully as you travel on the Talimena Scenic Drive because the closest food, gas, and lodging is found five or more miles off the route itself.

    Happy Arkansas Travels!